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About company.
At BTHU Thermex s.c. we specialise in comprehensive hanger service of suspended structural elements, especially power boilers, boiler pressure elements and pipelines. Our offer includes:

  • Hanger adjustment of pressure part elements of power boilers (waterwalls, superheaters, economizers) and pipelines (pressure steam and water pipelines),
  • Production, delivery, montage and adjustment of full sets of spring assemblies,
  • Selection of hangers to the designated loads of new or existing pressure elements,
  • Experimental designation of loads and elastic interaction of elements in mechanical systems.

In addition, our company performs vibration measurements of structural element. We also deal with determining the causes of failure of power station equipment and machines.

We execute the load adjustment of the boiler elements according to the developed technology based on hydraulic measurements, supported by Thermex’s own technology – the DM3 method.

RAFAKO S.A. and Babcok & Wilcox Volund considered this method as appropriate – it gives a clear picture of elastic interaction between cooperating hangers in mechanical systems. Since 1996 we are carrying out the works as a authorised RAFAKO S.A. Service.

Adjustment of hangers – setting the correct loads primarily results in:

  • Correct directions of thermal expansion of suspended elements,
  • Prevents stress concentration in local areas of boiler elements (e.g. waterwalls, superheater headers),
  • Prevents permanent deformation of suspended elements,
  • Prevents breaking of welded joints of fastening nodes in the lower parts of the rods working in high temperature,
  • Reduces possibility of leaks in pressure elements of a boiler,
  • Eliminates excessive vibration,
  • Allows for construction changes or modernization,
  • Unlocks rusty steel spring boxes,
  • Allows to correct the nominal loads of the hangers caused by fundament settlement of boiler supporting structure.

The hydraulic method of load adjustment in the elements of multi-hanger systems allows for quick and precise adjustment of forces in specific suspensions of these systems. So far, it has been used to adjust the loads in the main hangers of power boilers (waterwalls, internal boiler pressure mechanical systems – superheaters, economizer, etc.) and steam or water pipelines. The time of making the adjustment depends on the number of hangers, an access to them and conditions on the boiler. The work usually takes from two to several days.

The adjustment of main hangers is carried out in several steps:

  • Measurement of load in hanger rods,
  • Measurement of load interactions between nearby rods,
  • Calculations: creation of nominal and measured load vectors and matrix of influence coefficients,
  • Numerical simulation of the adjustment. The results are increment of loads: ± ΔPn (which should be taken into account in order to perform the load regulation most efficiently,
  • Hanger load adjustment according to the numerical simulation,
  • Final measurement and potential correction of loads to assumed deviation ± 10%,
  • Development of a detailed report describing the executed works.