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Spring hangers - Comprehensive service
Selection of hangers at the design stage
Design, manufacture and replacement of the spring hangers
Measurement and adjustment of forces of a power boiler hangers. Our company performs extensometric measurements of deformation and on the basis the analysis of stresses and strains of the elements of machines and structures.
Welcome to BTHU THERMEX s.c.
We are a company concerned with:

  • Adjustment of forces in hangers of pressure elements in power boilers,
  • Delivery, montage and adjustment of full sets of spring assemblies,
  • Tension measurement and assesment of machine and device construction effort,
  • Experimental denoting of forces and elastic interaction of elements in mechanical systems,
  • Defining the reasons for malfunctions of devices, machines and constructions.
Quality policy
In 2012 BTHU Thermex s.c. company has implemented and applied quality management system compliant with PN-EN ISO 9001 standard with a scope of certification: „Adjustment of loads in power boiler hangers and other statically indeterminate mechanical systems. Repair and maintenance of fabricated metal components”. Certification audit was conducted by “Urząd Dozoru Technicznego – Jednostka Certyfikująca Systemy Zarządzania UDT-CERT” the Office of Technical Inspection – Management Systems Certification Body.

To provide highest quality of our services, measurement tools used during the adjustment process are systematically examined for the accuracy of indications and safety use.
Power boiler Producer RAFAKO S.A. considers our technology as the only one, that gives the full picture of interdependence between cooperating hangers and and the possibility of their precise adjustment. Since 1996, we have been working as an Authorized Service Center of RAFAKO S.A.